The group cohesion is strong, however, and all the players demonstrate equal facility in written and improvised music— a rare thing.

The magic of this superbly recorded album is hard to resist. A deprivation is under no circumstances appropriate, since it would mean the loss of an experience that enriches the life of everyone seriously interested in music with a new world of sound.

This music vacillates between improvised jazz and classical writing but manages to achieve a sort of soulful, part joyous, part melancholy mood.

Musiken på When silence falls är inte bara vacker – den är också ödmjuk och ärlig.

In der Ruhe liegt die Kraft, und »WHEN SILENCE FALLS« ist ein reicher Schatz an musikalischer Vielfalt und Intensität.

When Silence Falls je vynikajúci lyrický, melodický album, ktorý rozpráva hudobný príbeh plný farieb.

Merje Kägu Ensemble When Silence Falls

It’s just the thing with which to relax, with a deep, sonorous bass and beautiful sound from the strings, and each piece is long enough for the group to explore its options, from the sudden lighthearted breaks in the opening.

Mõningaid asju öeldakse vaikselt, aga väga täpselt. Kitarrist Merje Kägu valdab seda kunsti veatult. 

Το αργόσυρτο και εκτενές “When Silence Falls” ντύνει κινηματογραφικά το κλείσιμο του CD της νεαρής Εσθονής που με την πρώτη της προσπάθεια παρουσιάζει κάτι πρωτότυπο και με δικό του χαρακτήρα.

Den låter som en blandning av sorg och vila. We Have Sung for You är en sådan låt som vaggar in mig i rörlig avspänning.