When Silence Falls

When Silence Falls is guitarist Merje Kägu’s first solo album as a composer and ensemble leader.

This music is an intimate journey. It is a reflection of experiences and dialogues with myself and others. It is about losing and finding oneself, about growth and awakening, as well as longing and silence. When Silence Falls embraces the understated beauty of being perfectly imperfect. It is a humble portrait of humanness, in which fragility and strength become one. It is about the rise after falling. The movement of honesty. 

With combinations of jazz, classical and minimalist elements I aimed to create a world of melodic colours as well as allow space for an intimate storytelling voice to speak. There’s an atmospheric drift to the music which subtly contrasts and combines the soulful interpretations and improvisations. I like to create and play music that bridges the gap between composed and improvised music, smoothly transitioning from one to the other. This fluid style creates a personal and intimate connection with other musicians. A reflective approach is central to my artistry. 

The group, which was formed in 2016, in Gothenburg, not only brings together musicians from around the world, but also from different musical backgrounds – classical, world and improvisational music. 

For Merje, the ensemble consists of musicians that have truly inspired her with their deep appreciation and dedication to music, as well as their humbleness and understanding of its delicacy and sophistication. Each composition on When Silence Falls is laced with the gentle touches of each musician and brought to life by their shared experiences. 

Merje Kägu guitar, Anders Jormin double bass, Jesse Ojajärvi drums, Åsa B. Johansson violin, voice, Leonor Palazzo cello, Marina Cyrino flute, Blanca Sans Ballart oboe, english horn